Course Title:                    LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT FOR EFFECTIVE PROJECT                                                  DELIVERY 

Course Duration:             5 Days

Course Description:   

Leadership and effective communication are key to successful delivery of projects. This workshop seeks to teach leadership and communications to project managers, the role they play in projects and organizations. The organizational culture and communication needs of a project are examined and the impact they have. A variety of current leadership models and tools relevant to project managers will be learned.

Learning Outcomes:      At the end of the training participants will:

Understand the leadership and communications needs of projects.

Be able to analyze the culture and how it impacts projects, and what can be done.

Possess the awareness of leadership communication styles, impacts and preferences on projects teams.

Have deeper understanding of some current leadership models.

Know how to analyze leadership and its impact on projects.

Know your personal leadership style and how to make it work on projects.

Able to highlight the importance of project sponsors and their communication needs.