Course Title:                    MANAGEMENT OF VALUES & CERTIFICATION

Course Duration:              5 Days

Course Description:  

This course has evolved from the tried and successful practice of value management across many sectors and over many years. The MoV guidance aligns the established methods with the Cabinet Office Programme and Project Management guidance. The guidance describes methods that are not new, but their use is often overlooked or misapplied.

Learning Outcomes:      At the end of the training participant will be able to:

Provide a way of addressing competitive advantage by adding value.

Promote sustainable decision making, based on adding value, by addressing both monetary and non- monetary factors.

Maximize value in line with the programme and project objectives and key stakeholder requirements.

Provide a means to define objectives and scope clearly in terms of the organization’s and end users’ short and long term needs.

Enable effective consultation and engagement of stakeholders and end users and reconcile differing needs.

Improve benefits and speed up delivery without impacting essential project scope or service quality.

Enable more efficient delivery by employing fewer resources to better effect.