iCentra Learning & Development delivers value through capacity development, we parade an outstanding group of professionals who work closely with clients to guarantee an effective linkage between their business strategies, organizational design, human capability, revenue growth, financial performance and ultimately marketplace success. Our impact is evident from the clients (individual and corporate) that we have served

At iCentra L&D, the Learning Unit of iCentra we are committed to people development, empowerment and growth. We deliver value with quantifiable impact on business results through Corporate Training (Local and International), Training-on-Demand and Capacity Support for seminars, workshops, retreats and conferences.

We offers tailor-made local and international training, customize to meet the exact need of our client. Our Training & Development Team delivers cost-effective Local and International training in line with organizational goals. Our training covers Leadership, Management, Productivity, Soft skills, Certification, Project Management, Finance and Business Management.

Because organizations often require specific employee training and development in order to achieve a new corporate direction or business strategy, we design training programmes to address the need of our clients both in the private and public sectors.

We provide strategic support to organizations through content and concept development of capacity enhancing events like conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats. This we have done effortlessly considering the diverse knowledge of our team, we draw our experience from initiatives that we have helped organizations develop and deliver such as the ProMaCon Annual National Project Management Conference.